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Believe and Receive
Writing has been an instrument of discovery and healing for me. I can be brought to my knees by the power of one single word. I've relied on words to get me through some of the hardest times of my life. Writing my first memoir was like riding a zipline through some of the tragedies of my life. How frightening and healing it is to tell some of those hidden and forbidden stories. Words both written and spoken have saved my life and daily direct my path and inspire me. I search for words to show me the way. I wish I could say I sit down every day and write for an hour or two or three but that isn't the case. I write when I can because if I don't some fragile, unidentifiable part of me will be left waiting. Writing is my ticket to the next step.

Writing sets me free but at the same time remains an almost impossible task — but when I persevere something wonderful happens. Order one of my inspirational posters or cards, or read one of my essays or my new memoir.

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Julie Evans: From Addiction to Recovery
A conversation with Joan Herman
Throughout life we go on different journeys. Some bring us to wonderful destinations, while others teach valuable life lessons. The coming-of-age story of Julie Evans has it all: sex, drugs, a harrowing fall from grace, and a heartening turnaround. As a teen, Julie lost her mother to alcohol poisoning and father to cancer. A series of choices left her addicted to sex, nicotine, alcohol and cocaine. Julie made the decision to turn her life around and today she works to help people transform their wellness into a way of life.

"Truly Julie" is a column I write for the Hudson Valley magazine. Here are my latest columns...