Creative Coaching and Mentoring

I needed help when I was a young girl trying to find my way and I still need help today as a mature and wise woman. A few times in my life a person has appeared when I was ready to break through into something greater. In each instance the person sent or summoned had an ability to help me find my personal story and therefore the path to my dreams. My answers may have been within me but I needed help to put them into words.

After having had such remarkable mentors lean in and help me I designed my graduate studies around the personal narrative and how it can be used to set in motion one's creative expression and unique abilities. Whether you want to write your story or simply figure out what it is and where you are in it I can be your mentor and coach.

I have learned that people need to say it out loud or write it down to make it happen.

When I'd gone to college as a teenager I was a mess. My mom had just died, my dad was heartbroken and I didn't know what to feel, much less what to study. It was a big university and nobody was there to guide me so I chose to focus on writing and psychology and a boy named Kenny. I did great. I loved to learn. Then my dad got real sick. I decided to go home and take care of him. Kenny went with me. We got married when I was 17. Dad died. We moved. I enrolled in college again. I thrived. Kenny didn't. He got addicted to heroin. I left him at 19. I went back home and back to school. This time I met a girl who believed that writing would be her ticket to all things wonderful. We became roommates. We decided to write a book. We rode ten speed bicycles to New York City to write and publish that book. It didn't happen. My friend left the city and me in it. It wasn't until I was 45 years old and upon the support and leading of my pastor that I went back to college to finish what I started when I was 16.

The college I chose was founded on the philosophy that students thrive when they have a mentor. In my case, they were right. I blossomed into learning under the care and wisdom of the writing mentor chosen for me. My mentor helped me set out on a journey of self-discovery that changed my life entirely. He was there to open doors for me to rub elbows with thinkers and artists of every kind. He offered me a comfortable chair and would listen intently to my stories and offered stories of his own in return. After completing my hard won degree in Creative Writing and Pastoral Counseling I enrolled in graduate school. I had a hunger to study the mentoring model that had worked so well for me.

If you are of a mind to seek whatever truths or talents are calling to you I can help you. I have found that discovering or uncovering or, even recovering, your personal narrative is the most effective way I can help you move forward to find the next best thing to do with energy and time. My approach is to walk with you through your personal story and to help you overcome whatever obstacles appear to be in the way.
I can offer my insight and training as a mentor to take the steps necessary to get on the path to fulfillment. Please contact me to learn more about my narrative mentoring method. I will be happy to discuss my rates.