Mentoring is a learner or seeker driven modality.

I have found that discovering or uncovering or, even recovering, someone's personal narrative is the most effective way to help them move toward their dreams, goals or aspirations.

So my approach is to work with each individual through their personal story and to help them overcome whatever obstacles appear to be in the way.

I can personally offer you my insight and training as a mentor to take the steps necessary to get on the path to fulfillment.

Please contact me to learn more about my narrative mentoring method. I will be happy to discuss my rates.

Mentor, Mentor, What is a Mentor?

“For the last ten years, while maintaining the fiction of myself as a teacher, I have come to see mentoring at Empire State College as akin to being a well-rewarded doorman (minus the fancy epaulets and the stripes down the sides of the trousers): I open doors with a smile for seekers who want to rub elbows with thinkers and artists of every kind. I introduce each one around by name. I offer them comfortable chairs — or an arm if they prefer to walk around the grounds. I listen intently to each one's stories and offer stories of my own in return. I ask a lot of questions and deflect, as best I can, the ones that come back at me. I hail a cab and tip my hat when they're ready to move on. As Robert Frost might have said, one could do worse than be a doorman. Or a mentor.”

Julie Evans is simply — and not so simply at all — the holiest person I have ever known. Once touched by her powerfully emotional writing and her utterly mindful mentoring, no one is left unchanged, unrewarded, or alone.”

Steve Lewis
Teacher, mentor, and friend
Steve Lewis is a Mentor at Empire State College, a faculty member of the Writing Institute at Sarah Lawrence College and author of "Zen and the Art of Fatherhood", "The ABCs of Real Family Values", "The Complete Guide for the Anxious Groom", "Fear and Loathing of Boca Raton", and "A Month on a Barrier Island".

“I think it's important that if you're really going to help people become the best they can be, you have to force them to be creative, because creativity stems from the inner part of the being. The inner part of the being has to come out and begin to dream, begin to apply the dreams, begin to mull, begin to fantasize and begin to pull out of themselves what they can create, what they can do with their hands and their mind and their imagination.
So you really have to encourage people to jump off cliffs because they still have to fly. But they've still got to find their ability to fly, and the only way they are going to find that is by your encouraging them. Go ahead. Just jump off. See where you can go.”

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Julie Evans as a mentor. Her vast experience in life and her love of people make her fully qualified to lead people through the maze of this great adventure called life.”

Donald Moore
Pastor, mentor, and friend
Don Moore is Senior Pastor of Living Word Chapel, West Hurley, NY; President of In His Name Ministries and Say Amen televison outreach; author of "Healing the Father Wound", "Christianese", "Faith", and "Grace: More Than Unmerited Favor".


“And then the day came. My travels carried me to Empire State College, a highly respected school under the umbrella of The State University of New York. The idea of being a state college student was not foreign to me. 1983 was the year that SUNY Cortland brought me to their academic halls. In the sleep of the night and a wink of the mind, I chose to return to higher learning in 2012.

And then the day came. The importance of our own narratives and the specialness of other people's experiences landed in front of my thirst for learning. What a full and beautiful glass of humanity it was. It was poured by an amazing spirit wrapped in an American Indian heart. It was important...

It was Julie Evans. It was her honest approach and caring support that vaulted me into the real meaning of adult learning. Julie was my mentor when I did not know I needed one. Her process was so natural and consistent that it would be commonplace for me to be twenty minutes into my truck ride home before I could feel the smile on my face and positive energy in my veins start to say "goodbye" to me as they were saying, "...Can't wait until next class."

Julie is a power for the good and a healer of the evil. Julie is the least judgmental person I have known in advanced academics. If you seek a mentor, I fully, highly, sincerely, and with great confidence recommend mine, Ms. Julie Evans.”

Ken T.
January 2013

“Julie Evans is an inspired teacher. Her mentoring approach to teaching is a breath of fresh air. Julie encourages you to reach for your dreams. She is Something Wonderful!”

Joanne B

“Having Julie Evans touch my life has been among the greatest of blessings on my path thus far. If I may use the voice of classes shared with other students, Julie Evans helped each of us gently open doors that might have otherwise remained closed before us. Julie mentored each of us to nurture ourselves in a way that would allow us to grow, and to follow our passion that is right there before us. She made us understand that every living thing has a purpose and so each living thing, including and especially ourselves, is built of beauty and grace. She taught us that "brick walls are put before us to demonstrate to how badly we want something". She taught us that if you take a brick wall down brick by brick, it doesn.t have to be that difficult. I remain thankful. Knowing Julie has enriched my life immensely. Who can really put that into words? I have chosen her as one of my role models and self-appointed mentors. If I can touch the lives of others in the way that Julie has touched my life, then I will have been a success.”
Donna F.

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