These are a sampling of the classes and group studies I facilitate. I am thrilled to walk beside my students as they advance on their dreams and goals. I am that teacher that believes finding the next step in a student's journey is the best way to find that student's passion for learning. I am available to teach these and other group studies and independent study programs. I also lead workshops and seminars in alternative healing and spiritual studies.

Nutrition and Health
This active study provides an integrated or holistic overview of the physiological requirements and functions of protein, energy, and the major vitamins and minerals that are the determinants of health and disease, as well as an examination of the cultural and psychological factors that have a profound impact on the relationship between what we eat and how well we are.

Mentoring and Story
A personal and theoretical investigation of the relationships that exist between the craft of mentoring, the art of storytelling, and the transformative potential of personal stories within the mentoring relationship.

Native American Narratives
This fascinating study covers the history of Native American culture, both pre and post-Columbian, in terms of customs, cuisine, belief systems and rituals.

Therapeutic Writing
This course explores the psychological function of stories and their innate ability to cause us to center and integrate the fragmented parts of ourselves as we gain a clearer picture of who we are, what we feel and what our stories mean to us.

Guided Research - Oral Histories
An exploration of the importance of, taking of, presenting of, and meaning of oral histories. This course will benefit those who wish to do historical research, learn how to do an interview for scholarship or publication, or those who want to learn how to tell or dramatize their own stories.

How to Take these Courses
If you are interested in taking any of these classes please contact me or the college. You can see which courses are scheduled for the coming semester by Clicking here and then click on the upcoming semester courses in the Hudson Valley.

If you are interested in a workshop or seminar in alternative healing or spiritual studies, please contact me and I can conduct these throughout the northeast.


“It was a great honor to receive guidance from Julie Evans. The assignments in her classes were designed specifically so that we could succeed in life. She got to know each of us, our dreams our passions our plans. With a sparkle in her eye she would coach us through carrying our dreams into the present. Just recently I reread an assignment I was given. It was after the end of an eight year relationship with my first love. The assignment was to write a message in a bottle to the person I want to love. She knew the power of ones words to help them manifest their dreams. So now it's two and a half years later and I'm falling in love for the first time after this eight year relationship. A couple of weeks ago I was fumbling through old notebooks and I found the notebook from Julie's class. I read the message in a bottle to the person I want to love. It was a beautiful description of the unfolding of my new love. Thank you Julie for your encouragement and for believing in all of us.”


“Last semester I took a class called Native American Narratives. I walked into the class, and there in the middle of the room is this tall, gorgeous, raven-haired woman-welcoming us all with open arms and hugs, a mile wide smile, and the most sonorous laugh I had ever heard. I thought at the time, "hmm...maybe she's a little crazy?" As it turns out, she was anything but. She was honest, sincere, happy and upbeat...and most of all she truly cared about the class, each and every one of us-which in turn I think, made us all really care about each other What a beautiful thing to do for the world, right? Julie Evans was a phenomenal teacher, storyteller, friend and inspiration.So much so, I immediately registered for her next class-how could I not? (Plus, I missed her laugh!).”


“I feel honored to have the opportunity to describe my experience with Julie Evans. Indeed, I am honored to have had an experience with Julie, as is, I believe, anyone who is blessed by an interaction with this dynamic, ferociously kind, brilliantly brave and beautiful being. Julie is like a force of nature, strong and undeniably real. She was my teacher when I returned to college with a mission to complete my bachelors degree. I was amazed and changed by our first class meeting while Julie saw through each student's skins to our unique wisdoms. Sometimes it is frightening to be seen in the way that Julie saw us, because you know that you can no longer hide behind thick walls of pretend images. But with Julie we were all safe, she sheltered us like a mother Eagle while calling us out of our shells and bidding us to fly on winds of our fashioning. Julie led us to the place we were looking for and far beyond. Being with Julie is like diving into the ocean after a long sunny walk down a sandy beach. You rise up refreshed, with a soul exfoliated. You can't alter the ocean and Julie is not going to take the dive for you, but she will make you realize that you are strong enough to meet it face on. By the end of our semester, every student in the class had been changed. Each of us had made major positive decisions. Personally I took steps toward the future I had longingly looked at from inside my own walls. Julie didn't take the journey for us, but she was a wise, strong, honest guide to the very end.”

Faith R.

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