I have had the luxury of having some people in my life who have brought out the best in me, who have challenged me to put it into words, who have helped me answer my calling as a writer. I know that I am called to use words strung together in such a fashion as to build bridges toward dreams and hopes and peace and love. I am encouraged to find the words within people's stories that reveal something that person wants or dreams of. I like to think of myself as an interpreter of possibilities.

Truly Julie

"Truly Julie" is a column I write for the Hudson Valley magazine "Healthy You". Here are my latest columns...


Words have been very healing for me. I like to see it in writing. These posters were created over the years as stepping stones to overcome some of life's stumbling blocks. Most were cards I created for close friends and they encouarged me to share them, so here they are. I can also write a piece just for you. Contact me to learn how.

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